Welcome to Sigurdson Guitars
Balsa-core double-top guitar played by Drew Henderson!

Jeff Sigurdson has hand-built over 800 guitars in his career; a claim of experience that very few luthiers in the world can make. In that span, he has earned a reputation for building beautiful classical, flamenco, steel string, harp, and student model guitars. Jeff has always followed a policy of continuous improvement, and his current instruments rival some of the best in the world today.

Jeff specializes in building classical guitars in the styles of Hermann Hauser, Jose Romanillos, Daniel Friederich, Gernot Wagner, and Matthias Dammann; steel string guitars modeled after the most sought-after pre-war Martins; flamenco guitars heavily inspired by Manuel Reyes; Dyer-style harp guitars; and student versions of various models.

It is Jeff's mission to hand-build beautiful acoustic instruments of extremely high quality, with great tone and excellent playability, that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment to their owners. Sigurdson guitars are rich sounding instruments that are very well-balanced from bass to treble, and project well in concert settings. Every musician deserves a fine instrument, and Jeff works hard to ensure that exceptional, luthier-built guitars are accessible to musicians of all levels, from students to concert performers.