Frequently Asked Questions
I’d like to order a guitar. How long will it take to complete?
Jeff’s average lead-time is approximately one year. However, in some cases it may be more or less, depending on the number of orders on his wait list.

I noticed that you build different styles of classical guitars that are inspired by some very well known luthiers. Are these exact replicas? For example, if I order a Hauser model, will I get an exact Hauser replica?
No. Jeff’s rosettes, bindings, purflings, necks, headstocks, etc. are all his own design. Construction aspects that affect tone, volume, projection, sustain, and responsiveness are painstakingly recreated in great detail. Such aspects would include bracing patterns, body depths, and top thicknessing.

You sell several different types of classical guitars. How are they different in sound? Hey, do you have any tips on how to take care of my Sigurdson guitars?
Keep in mind temperature and humidity. Guitars should be kept at room temperature, usually between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius (68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Humidity should be monitored with a hygrometer, and should be between 45% and 55% relative humidity. Jeff strongly recommends storing your guitars in their cases while not in use. Do not wear anything hard while playing your guitar that may scratch it. This includes zippers, buttons, jewelry, belt buckles, etc.

I noticed that your steel string guitars are French polished. Why? Won’t they be very easy to scratch?
That is correct. French polished finishes are very thin and easily damaged. However, for this very reason, these finishes are extremely light in weight and allow a guitar to resonate freely. The type of finish chosen for an instrument can impart great tone or great durability, but not both.

How do I take care of a French polish finish? What is “string ding”?
While changing strings, players will often nick the tops of their guitars, especially on the back side of the bridge. Jeff recommends using a bridge bib on your guitar while changing strings. This is a piece of thin plastic with a rectangular hole cut into it so that it can be fitted onto your top, around the bridge. A bridge bib is included in the delivery of a new guitar.

How do I tie strings onto a 12 hole tie-block?
Several tutorials are available on the internet. It is a good idea to take photographs of your bridge prior to commencing your first string change on a 12-hole tie block. This way, you’ll have something to reference in case of confusion! Sigurdson Guitars plans on posting a YouTube video on this topic in the near future.

Is there a warranty on Sigurdson guitars?
Yes. In short, a limited, lifetime warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship to the purchaser. The warranty applies only to normal use and proper care of the instrument, and does not cover misuse, modifications, accidents, alterations, repairs by others, or temperature and humidity related issues. Hardware, such as cases and tuners are warrantied by their manufacturers. The full warranty is detailed on the warranty card that is provided to the purchaser at the time of delivery.