Steel String Guitars
There is a beauty and complexity to the sound of old, pre-war steel string guitars that is sadly missing in the vast majority of today’s instruments. Manufacturers have abandoned animal-hide glues in favor of cheaper, synthetic glues that are easier to build with. They have also left behind the fine art of French polishing, preferring to protect their instruments with spray lacquers. These changes have had detrimental effects to the sound of today’s steel string acoustic guitars. Jeff Sigurdson is proudly one of the very few luthiers in existence today that uses these age-old traditions in the construction of his steel string guitars.
The base price of Jeff’s steel string guitars is $5000 CDN plus taxes and shipping costs.

Your guitar will be built to suit your individual playing preferences:
Some options are customizable or upgradeable, and may affect the final purchase price of your instrument:
Please contact Jeff directly to answer any questions you may have regarding custom options and prices.